Jun 26, 2008

Dinosaur Comics

My guess is that clicking on the image is going to enlarge it. Sweet!


Ok ok so the last webcomic I showed you was pretty weird and not such an easy sense of humor to "get." Now, I am not so sure that Dinosaur Comics is going to be any easier but it is totally hilarious! Like, seriously. But not serious because serious is the opposite of hilarious. I think. I am not exactly sure of that one. I will look it up later (note: I will probably not look it up later).

So! About Dinosaur Comics! It is the same exact format each and every comic! The funny is in the words, you see. You have to have it in your head that T-Rex is like a drunken frat athlete boy (I am relying on stereotypes here) who has been alone in a library and decided to READ EVERYTHING so he has a lot of questions and harebrained ideas about things. And it's hilarious! It updates very frequently, so you are never without something hilarious to read. The one at the top is probably my favorite one EVER.

Now, for fair warning, the way T-Rex thinks ("Feelings are boring! Kissing is awesome!") is sometimes how I think about things. And sometimes my friends are like Utahraptor and Dromiceiomious and shooting down my idea that suggests we do an EPIC painting of all our high school teachers eating lunch in the faculty room dressed in bear suits. Seriously, friends, that was the best idea ever and we should have done it.

Sometimes even I think I am weird.

Hint! Hover over the comic to see secret, hidden text! Sometimes it is even funnier than the comic!


Lehigh Valley Film said...

Thansk for sharing. I really got a good chuckle out of that one! It inspired me to try to make the *%#! sound, but it just kept sounding like I was on a cursing rampage.

BTW the epic teacher painting does sound like a good idea. I kind of picture it as "The Last Supper" meets the Teddy Bear's picnic.

Katie Bee said...

Oh man! I had never thought of the Last Supper part! I think you have found the missing piece! Thanks LVF!