Jun 11, 2008


(and now, a completely senseless post. this is what happens when i have EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP. thanks, black out!)

Last Night's Thunderstorm,


Last year you gutted the guest wing and this year you take the patio furniture?! Do you get some sort of sick satisfaction out of this? You even cut the power out at the creepiest part of Full Metal Jacket! Which I have yet to finish! I had to sit in the dark and wonder about what happened! And then I had to drive around all those toppled trees to get to the movie theater!

I am appalled at your actions and will no longer talk to you.

Katie Bee

PS- But, T-Storm, Iron Man was totally awesome and you should totally see it. I think it was better than Transformers, but my brother doesn't think so. I think he is biased about the whole going-to-see-it-get-filmed-in-Bethlehem*

*I pronounce this word "bethlum" when I am talking about Allentown's neighbor, but "Bethlehem" when I am talking about Christmas. Does anyone else do this? Some of my friends do. Weird Lehigh Valley-isms.**

**I was reprimanded for using the famous Lehigh Valley term "Wanna come with?" My parents are from New Jersey. They do not understand it. I do not understand how I did that, either. Rules of grammar! I have not forsaken ye!*** I shall return!

***I have not forsaken thee? I hath not forsook ye? OLD/MIDDLE ENGLISH, YOU DO IT TO ME EVERY TIME.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm hoping to catch The Hulk with my grandson on Sunday. I'll pick Transformers over Iron Man bc Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox had some chemistry, and I liked the way LaBeouf played his role. But Downey is also perfect for Iron Man.

Katie Bee said...

chemistry or not, megan fox's skirt was ridiculously short...

well, i probably like iron man because i want to be married to robert downey junior. did you know that shia and downey were both in A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints? it's, like, totally my favorite movie EVER. except for my other favorite movies.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Katie Bee, I did not know that but love the movie. It was very good.

Katie Bee said...

yeah they played the same character, younger and older versions of him.

Jake Barnes said...

Did you know that the word 'bedlam' is slang or a corrupt term used to refer to the Bethlem Royal Hospital, a London insane asylum?

Sometimes there is bedlam in Bethlehem PA but usually it is confined to the late summer and Musikfest or when Hollywood films are being produced.