Aug 16, 2008

Allentown Elsewhere

Photo credit: Morning Call via Streetsblog

So I read several blogs. I'm not going to go and figure out the exact number because that's just going to depress me* but I will mention that one blog I read, Streetsblog, used a photo of Allentown in a post! I glanced though and was all "SAY, THAT LOOKS LIKE LANTA" and indeed it was! Read the post here. Streetsblog is a NYC blog focused on the livability of New York's streets for pedestrians and cyclists. With this seemingly sudden realization that Allentown is a closet suburb for Philly and New York** I thought it interesting that A-town would get a mention in an NYC blog.

*conversations with my dog AND more than 30 blogs? Is this where my life is going?
**did no one know this before? I thought it was a given. Like, when I tell people where I'm from, I am all, "Oh, we're, like, an hour from Philly and three hours from NYC. It's pretty sweet." Plus, there was this article from the Times.

So, speaking of LANTA, why is it that every time I see a LANTA bus, it is never stopped? It is always rolling on by. I am certain that it stops, because I see passengers, but maybe it just never stops at a place where I would use it. If I ever were to use Allentown as a location for a film, I would want to get a LANTA bus to go by in the background of every scene. It would be like a running joke between me and ... me...

Oh man, I go back to school soon, don't I? Well, I guess it had to happen sometime.

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