Aug 2, 2008

Other Uses for The Morning Call

Photo credit: Me Art/Stensil credit: Me

Since the rest of the LVBlogosphere decided that the Morning Call was no longer a relevant news source* I have been exploring new ways to use the heaps of paper that get piled in that little green box out front. So I bought some spray paint the other day and I cut out some stensils and I have this love/hate relationship with pop art but right now I am loving it. I am not screenprinting, so why do I feel like Andy Warhol?**

*really? Honestly? I mean, I guess it's no longer relevant for Allentown, but the whole Lehigh Valley? Well, even my mom can't stand it anymore, so I guess that is saying something. Didja see how they revamped the police blotter? It is like, oh man how can I tell if there's any crime in Allentown anymore? I guess I actually have to start actually paying attention to TheAllentownCommentator as much as I hate everything that gets posted.

**ANDY WARHOL I HATE YOU ok maybe I don't totally hate you but I do hate that you made all those girls wear those stupid banana bags and white plastic framed sunglasses and say things like, "Ohmigod, I, like, love art. Like Andy Warhol, right? I totally love Marilyn!" And I am pretty sure that my "I wanna punch you in the face so hard Andy Warhol and all your fans" feeling is the same thing that everyone else in the art world felt when Andy became famous for making copies of stuff. But then I feel like art is supposed to enrage you or make you feel something and then I also think that he is the reason half of anything can be considered art in the first place because he like, you know, liberated the scene and stuff. But I HATE THOSE SILVER CLOUDS. And I am pretty sure he did all of this on purpose and he loves my reaction as much as he loves the girls wearing those STUPID STUPID BAGS AND GLASSES AUGH WHY AM I SO ANGRY ALL OF A SUDDEN. So, to discuss later: "Andy Warhol: The Man?"

Speaking in half-reference of the old graffiti vs. street art argument, can Bansky come to Allentown and stick it to the man for us? I feel like he would do a really good job of it. I still haven't figured out wheatpasting.

P.S.- Doya like what I've done with the place? I figure it's time to start over, in light of recent events.

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Mrs. Dottie said...

Katie Bee,

I love the new look of your blog.
Another good use for the MC is papier mache' projects. And take it easy on Andy, it's not just copies of stuff, it's a statement about our culture :D

Your stensiling is a reaction to the crappy news coverage, and to "use it for art" is a good way to give the newspaper some substance again.

Great photos! Have fun at the beach!