Aug 9, 2008

Webcomics? Again? For reals?

Nedroid Picture Diary. Click to enlarge and see the funny!

Ok, ok, ok. Ok. This comic is Nedroid Picture Diary. The artist calls hisself "Nedroid." I can only assume that this is his given name. So maybe this isn't exactly a comic strip, it is not too big on the continuous plot/theme stuff and it also has "diary" in the title, but it isn't exactly a comic-diary either! Confusion! It is like a hybrid! But only if the comic-diary part is coming from a potato-shaped bear guy named Beartato* and he sometimes gets distracted from his own life and makes comics about other things like how great it would be if "karate" were actually just some cook knife or laser vision. He also does question and answer stuff! It is good advice. I am promising you.

*GET IT? GET IT? BEAR. TATO. LIKE POTATO. I always knew you were smart.

Side note:* So I remembered about the first blog I ever had! I am connecting you to some posts from when I was 14. The early ones are mortifyingly angsty and melodramatic** and the newest ones are from, like, a year ago. So this is the happy medium, I think.

It is totally weird to read. I am all, "OH MAN I WAS SO FUNNY, WHAT HAPPENED?" but I am also all, "OH MAN I am glad to be out of high school. Let's never do that again" I am pretty sure that any sense of humor engendered within me during high school was developed specifically to deal with the fact that high school was an AWFUL daily mental, physical, and emotional meatgrinder. I go out of my way so that I do not have to drive past that place ever. Parkland High School I WANT MY SOUL BACK.***

*Sheesh, Katie, this is actually a post-script. Get it right.
**Hello, age 13!! How are you doing today? Oh, you are hoping the world just DIES. That is nice. I am going to go look for exits now. Please don't burn the place down.
***Hello, age 19!! How are you doing today? Oh, you are being angsty and melodramatic again. Again? Man, I thought you were over this, like, six years ago.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I've been playin' w/ online comics for years, but never found one I really like.

I liked your strip.

Katie Bee said...

I'm glad! The internet is a vast and strange "series of tubes." My philosophy is that anything you want IS out there (just try googling "abraham lincoln hot air balloon" and see), you just have to do a lot of searching sometimes.

I'll be posting more, maybe you will like those, too?

gsbrace said...

Hm. Your recollection of hs sounds like mine. Why is that?

Joe Chiappetta said...

From one carttonist to another, great comic - one of those so good I thought, "What a clever twist to the phrase, "2 party system. Why didn't I think of that?"

Katie Bee said...

omg omg omg, i'm not the artist! i hope this hasn't been getting around! i am not so good when it comes to the whole fine motor skills thing. I am just posting things i find. ohman, i'm glad this came about now, though, so i don't confuse you when i find another comic to post and everyone is all "your style has changed completely!"

oh man i am sorry, but i'm glad you liked it, joe!

re:gsbrace. i have no idea! i wonder!