Sep 21, 2008

Amtrak, Amtrak, I Am Doing All The Work In This Relationship!

This is what the lounge car looks like! It is totally sweet. Photo source:

I love trains. They are good for getting to places and getting to places comfortably. I can read things and not end up sitting in the lap of my neighbor while trying to get some of the reading light like I would on a bus. Also, did you hear the story of the kid who was decapitated on a bus while listening to his ipod? Not like that COULDN'T happen on a train, but, seriously! Scary! The snacks are totally better on a train, too, and so is the view. I got to go see Harper's Ferry! The lounge car is the BEST.

So, I like Amtrak. I like trains. BUT I don't like the fact that the passenger trains have to step aside and let all the freight trains pass.

GRRR, freight trains! You made me five hours late! I was supposed to ride the train all the way to Pittsburgh from Washington, which is a long enough ride already, but then I had to sit in that little one room, Harrison Ford channel-locked, vending machine palooza excuse for a train station for FIVE HOURS at FOUR THIRTY IN THE MORNING.

But I guess it was worth it.

I mean, those Pitt kids know how to party.

I mean! STUDY, those Pitt kids know how to STUDY.


A.J.C. said...

I love trains, too.

Trains are my favorite form of transportation. It's a shame that there aren't more rail connections.

Just imagine... if there was a subway system, much like New York's, that stretched across the entire country, we wouldn't need cars much anymore!

It will never happen though. Excuse me now while I take out a loan to fill up my tank.

editor said...

Katie Bee,
This is Glenn Kranzley, opinion editor at The Morning Call. I'd like to use your posting about Amtrak in the Valley Blogosphere, would that be okay?
Send me an e-mail, please.

Ken Matthews said...

Your Blog is hip and fun to read !
And I also love trains. I wish there were trains from Allentown Bethlehem to NYC & Philly...that would Rock....

Be well & keep Crackin' that Stack(of books)

Matthew Melzer said...

Katie, I just saw your entry in the Morning Call. Good stuff! There is undoubtedly a need to settle the nationwide conflicts between passenger trains and freight trains (on the privately-owned freight railroads of companies who didn't want passenger trains anymore, foisting them on the company now known as Amtrak). I work for the National Association of Railroad Passengers, and our grassroots organization here in DC fights for more and better train service across the country. We have over 24,000 individual members, and we're especially recruiting students to get involved in the movement in any way they're able. Feel free to drop us a line!

Katie Bee said...

Thank you all for the comments!

@A.J.- a cross-national subway system would be AWESOME, except for the fact that it would be our doom in the possible zombie apocalypse. Back when I had free time, I read World War Z and now I use it to analyze my safety in a lot of situations and it is totally beyond irrational, but that is just my way, sometimes! I think that every city with a population larger than 100,000 people should have some sort of rail-based transportation. Or a well thought-out bus system (see Rome's bus system for a reference).

@editor- Thank you for the feature! It was a big surprise for everyone back home. My dad takes the paper every morning so my mom had no idea what her friends were congratulating her about until they explained themselves.

@ken matthews- I am trying to keep well! The bookstack is impossible to crack because it keeps increasing ... like it is getting energy off my frustration. Also, I didn't realize you have a blog! I am going to blog about you having a blog because I have a very interesting story from my childhood that involves your days as a DJ on B104 ...

@matthew melzer- I am very interested in your organization as I ride the Philly/DC route 11+ times a year! I will contact you soon.