Sep 27, 2008

Debate Debacle

Most AU frats don't hold parties on primary or debate nights because they know that no one will show up. Everyone was all a'flutter over who was going to say what and how they were going to play the drinking games. Apparently one girl decided that she would drink at the word "fundamental" and had to stop within a half hour of the debate. Good God.

My brother is visiting me this weekend. I've made a little cave out of the under-the-bed space* and he is sleeping there. He is VERY conservative and I suppose that I am VERY liberal** and it was interesting to throw him into a room with people wearing Barack Obama t-shirts to watch a debate.

*I really didn't bring anything other than what I needed to school this year. It makes things interesting.
**We once had a HUGE argument over using terms like "fag" and "gay" and it got nasty. And then he told me to be more accepting and lower my standards and I was all, "wait, WHAT?" and he was all, "it's, like, totally gay." and then I felt like crying.

This conversation ensued:
My brother: Dudes, what did I miss in the debate?
Ken: Oh just the first five minutes, nothing, really.
Jay: Oh, no, no, no you totally missed Obama punching McCain in the face. With words!
Ken: Oh, yeah! And McCain totally cried.
My brother: Oh? OH? Is that because he couldn't lift his arms up to fight back because HE'S A WAR HERO AND WAS TORTURED FOR AMERICA?

I think it was a really good comeback line.

At any rate, nearly all of College Republicans Club lives on my floor. It provides interesting discourse and lots and lots of jokes. We've also got a republican from the Netherlands and we had to all explain to him that, although he thinks he is conservative in Europe, he is liberal here. He didn't understand that, in America, social and financial policies are synonymous! He didn't totally grasp it until he went to a College Republicans meeting and was very, very frightened by the presence of AU Students for Life. He came back and wanted to join the Women's Initiative so he could be in a pro-choice group. It must be very confusing for him!

Today was also the National Book Festival. I missed seeing Laura Bush speak! I am a little upset at it.

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