Oct 8, 2008

Webcomics Day! Married to the Sea!

via www.marriedtothesea.com

I present to you: Married to the Sea!

I never took an art history course, so when I go through museums I end up making up commentary for all the people in the scene* and it is totally entertaining and I love art museums for this. I mean- I love art museums because they allow the public to experience art! Really!

*a little difficult for the majority of Andrew and N.C. Wyeth's landscapes, also the Hudson River School. Did you know that the dudes that painted in the Hudson River School were totally upset that they had no great ruins to paint? Man, if they were up there today they'd totally be painting the crap outta all those rust belt factories. Totally.

Anyway, what this has to do with Married To The Sea is that Married To The Sea is like doing that. Only it's with victorian era prints and 80s-style clip art. The commentary is political and cultural and a lot of funny. I guess I would say that the political commentary looks toward the left but usually it'll take a stab at whatever's stab-able. Like the Daily Show! Oh, man, the daily show has been STUPENDOUS recently, are you watching it? Because it is stupendous.

My personal favorites are these three: I Hate Voting, Oops, That's Not Funny, and Old Phone. The sarcasm is great. I just LOVE sarcasm, no, REALLY.

The people that run this webcomic, Natalie Dee and Drew (They're, totally, like, MARRIED!), run three other webcomics! Drew has got Superpoop,* which is like Married To The Sea but with photographs, and Toothpaste For Dinner, which is the BEST title EVER for ANYTHING. Natalie Dee is not exactly "hip" but she is pretty close. And she runs the NatalieDee comic which is just silly drawings with funny captions. All of them (with the exception of Superpoop) update every single day! I look at them every day and sometimes they are not as funny as I am hoping, but sometimes they are so much funnier than I expect! It is like a secret prize. Or a B.F. Skinner rat food reward experiment deal. I don't feel like explaining that last one because this is a blog post and I tend to make the posts too long, anyway. So, yeah. Give it up for Natalie and Drew.

*Superpoop is a much better name than what it used to be named. It used to be called "Where are the dogs humping?" and that is ok but that is a little crude for my tastes so, thank you, Drew, it is easier to get my friends to go to a site named Superpoop than WhereAreTheDogsHumping.

UPDATE: did you see the johnmccainisyourjalopy website? it is like the barack obama one, but funnier. My favorite: "John McCain is worried that the neighborhood has gotten 'worse.'"

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Pancho said...

I think my favorite was John McCain unplugs the toaster before leaving the house. I also like that he doesn't understand Ricky Ricardo. Man, that's funny.