Nov 21, 2008

Friday At Last - Hooray?

DUUUUDE this place looks suspiciously familiar! Credit: JoshPM (Click to enlarge image)

Oh man, I pretty much slept through this week. I got SO VERY VERY SICK. Something I'd categorize under NOT FUN. But all is well now (or almost) so I'm going to make this one upbeat! So it will be a webcomic post! Hooray?

JoshPM is evidently a Muhlenberg student. Which is funny because I found his site through a webcomic site operated out of Canada. I maintain that the internet is a coincidental place. Anyway, he does not update consistently and sometimes the comics are just drawings and not comics and sometimes they are inside jokes that I only sometimes get BUT this particular one was just so good that it deserves a mention. His webcomic style is more web-diary and that is ok because daily life is full of The Funny.

He went to the Don Hertzfeldt showcase at the 19th Street Theater and was moved enough to make this actually really beautiful comic about it. I wonder if he went to Hava Java afterward and I wonder if he sat at the table I always sit at. This is a strange thing to ponder but sometimes I wonder about all the people who have sat in the same seat on the metro as me or how many other people have touched the quarter that I found on the ground. I usually wash my hands furiously after thinking these thoughts. I really should carry hand sanitizer.

At any rate, here is his livejournal link. He is pretty dialed-in to the webcomic-o-sphere and thusly posts good links (when he posts them). Also many of the comments are funny, though I am not sure if I can rightly credit him with their content. I guess I can. Yes, he is the bearer of funny comments on his site.

That is all!

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A.J.C. said...

I had some health issues, too. I'm taking a couple crazy meds right now. If things don't improve, I have to get even more next week.

I can agree that the Internet is a coincidental thing. You can find almost anything. I love seeing foreign IPs on my stat tracker, but appreciate the local ones most!