Nov 8, 2008

Webcomics Day! XKCD!

Click the image to enlarge it...dudez.

If you are wondering when "Webcomics Day!" is so that you can better observe the grandeur of the holiday it is, it is thus: whenever I feel like it. I hope that helps.

XKCD is one that I have been witholding, for no apparent reason. A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language, as the site says. The characters are always simply drawn, but always distinguishable from each other. The main character is a stick figure, the sinister one has a hat, and there is one with long hair who is the interchangeable female presence in whatever situation. The sinister one scares me. Don't tell him I told you that. He probably already knows where I live. And what name my dog answers to.*

The creator, Randall Munroe, must have a heck of a brain - the topic of a single comic can come from anywhere: classical Italian literature, advanced Physics law, mainstream rap music, other webcomics, or the internet at large, it's pretty surprising and always funny. When you read from the site, make sure to hover the mouse over the image to get the alternative text. Those are funny.**

I thought that the content of this one was particularly appropriate to our insular little patch of blogosphere. I hope that this doesn't mean I'm throwing my hat into the blog-war ring, but sheesh, dudes, this is all getting a bit out of hand. I'd call out the philosophy of Jane Addams but I think that this would be feeding the trolls even more than I already have.

*this is a trick! my dog doesn't actually answer to a name unless that "name" is the sound of the box of dog treats being shaked and someone singing "wanna cookie? WANNA COOKIE!?"
**I think I am using the word "funny" too much to describe these comics. Maybe I will not do a funny comic next time. Yes, I will make sure that I get one of those deep, dark, depressing ones turn up.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea "troll" was such a commonly used term in the blogosphere. I hope that others will see your posting is in jest at the situation and not an invitation for a front row seat to the fight.

Katie Bee said...

There is a lot of internet slang that gets thrown around like "troll." Of course, I can't think of any of it right now, but most of it is derived from memes. Like rickroll. Or "EPIC FAIL." Or "long cat is long." Or "WHARGARBL."

Honestly, google the last one. It never fails.