Feb 6, 2009

Gay Clubs and Regret

To all the straight guys who go to gay clubs to hit on unsuspecting girls who just wanna dance:

Y'all are creeping creepers and you creep me out. STOP IT.

Me (who is taking a break from all the clubbing this week)


petelewnes said...

this post is so fabulous! having been around the block a few times I get confused to find straight guys in gay clubs...i know things have gotten more accepted but we are going to have to wear pins or something so I know who to hit on ha!

j black said...

Great post and I have to admit, when I first moved to Miami, I thought about doing this MANY times, but then I realized, that it WAS "weird" to try to "holla" at a female who obviously is somewhere that should prevent this from happening. I ACTUALLY liked going to the legendary gay clubs in Miami called WARSAW and TWIST. The creativity and scenes were the BEST and it introduced me to the sounds of HOUSE music. The vibe was always hype and that was what actually got me into professional dancing for 3 years. The funny part is that I ALWAYS got hit on by guys, which I took as a compliment; but I always wondered why though ? I speak eloquently, like nice clothes, enjoy good conversation, and am in a gay club, hmmmm...Go figure. LOL!!! I guess I am the ultimate METROSEXUAL, when I think about it.

Alfonso Todd

Katie Bee said...

@pete: the most confusing part is the end of the night, is when all the bi guys turn straight trying to get laid. This is why I make sure to leave within ten minutes of last call.

@alfonso: thank you for not being that guy! On behalf of all the ladies, we appreciate it. I mean, it's fine, so long as the straight dudes don't pester us incessantly! I agree that the music at those clubs is the best.

A.J.C. said...

Pete -

History has taught us that tags don't work... lol!

Katie, you'll never have to worry about me bothering you - I don't dance or chat, lol!