Apr 16, 2008


Dear My Body,

We need to talk. You are sick. And I still need you to take me from class to class and stay awake for studying and stuff.

You are not SUPPOSED to get sick, and this is ridiculous.

I will be reporting this to management if you keep it up.

I hate when you do these things to me.


P.S.- pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop this? I really really enjoy breathing through BOTH nostrils.

Note: apologies for the fact that this is a purely personal blog post BUT it's my blog, I'll blog what I want!
See also: I am too sick to do anything worthwhile.


gsbrace said...

here's a tissue. Might I recommend mucinex and zicam. They do the trick for me.

Get well. Nothing like finals looming when you feel like trash.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Seems like everyone (myself included) has had some sort of weird spring cold/flu/plague!

Katie Bee said...

thank you for the well-wishing! i am feeling much better right now.

the flupocalypse is, at least for me (and at least for now) over. bring on the summer!

oh...i mean, bring on the finals...