May 8, 2008

Dun dun dunnnn!!

I have successfully completed my freshman year of college. I don't feel particularly accomplished, but I know I learned a lot. The year went quickly. I shudder to think of how fast the next three years will go.

There's a lot of things you figure out about yourself when you're thrown into a veritable shark pit. Some things you only figure out when it's 2 a.m. and you're in the hospital trying to figure out how you're going to take care of the girl in the bed you're sitting next to when the only contact information you've got is her mother's number and you KNOW that her college career will be ruined if you call it.

Other experiences were less harrowing, and certainly more fun. Midterms and finals were not necessarily in the "fun" category, but, like my sister says, "college is awesome except for four weeks out of the year."

Next year I finally get to embark on the sure-to-be wonderful journey of sociology!! Because I'm sure you care (do not fear the sarcasm), I will let you know my course schedule:

Sociology 150- Global Sociology
History 215- Social forces that Shaped America
Spanish 356- Advanced Grammar & Composition
Communications 320- Reporting
Communications 275- Dissident Media-Voices from the Underground

It will be a fun year. I will apply all those lessons learned in procrastination (kids! procrastination DOESN'T PAY) and figure out how to do a respectable amount of leisure reading.

But! First things first! Summer! SUMMER! That magical wonderful word! It just evokes preemptive nostalgia! Since I'm going to be livin' it up at home (hooray, suburbs! hooray, having to drive everywhere!), my sister and I are going to plant our own garden. I am also going to experiment with "going green" in other ways, too! I will document it here, don't worry. You won't miss any of the action!

I am totally loving the exclamation point, fellers.


gsbrace said...

congrats on surviving your freshman year. I'm sure you walked away with some scars but are a more enlighted person for it.

Enjoy the summer break. By July 15th you'll be ready to go back for the fall.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Michael Donovan said...


I love the fact you are studying sociology. My own field of interest wraps around "economic socilogy," which acknowledges that business and economics really are embedded in social relationships.

It is in this area that my doctorata studies in public policy focus.

Good luck, and feel free to chat about the topic anytime!

Michael Donovan