May 13, 2008

The Haphazard Garden

"Katie, what are you taking pictures for? Are you recording our garden?"
"Oh, no, Kelly: I'm BLOGGING our garden."

Kelly (my sister!) and I decided to start a garden. We like the fresh fruit and veggies and being nice to the environment. We felt it environmentally responsible to grow at least some of our own food, not to mention that food tastes better when it's fresh, and how much fresher do you get than the little garden right outside your kitchen door?

We've planted an itsy-bitsy garden filled with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, beans and strawberries. Some people say we should really reconsider how we spaced the plants, but, let me tell you, this is a HAPHAZARD garden. We bought us some topsoil and some compost and some seeds and plants and stuck 'em in the ground. No measuring (other than eyeing it) and not much thought as to how they're going to fill out and grow up.

Apparently bean bushes grow wide? and tomato bushes grow tall? and cucumbers take over? We will find these things out. It's a distinct possibility that we'll be rooting up and replanting some things...haphazardly.

Haphazard. Willy-nilly. All over the place. This is a test of our gardening instincts! We may not have any! We will find out! Hopefully it'll be delicious!

(I have a picture of this garden. It's stuck in my camera because I can't find the transfer cord. I will find it and you will be able to see the garden in all its haphazard glory.)


Anonymous said...

It's fun to get your hands dirty, huh? I had my mom bring me a big ol' bag of rabbit droppings over the weekend to spread all over my garden! I heard them referred to as little fertilizer pills. I just didn't expect a giant garbage bag so full I couldn't carry it!
The lettuce, radishes, chard and garlic stalks are coming up at my spot. A neighboring gardener gave us some extra strawb plants that already have green fruits on them. I can't wait. I look forward to seeing your picture.

gsbrace said...

See my exploits in gardening.