May 16, 2008

Festival of the Arts

Tomorrow is Parkland's Festival of the Arts! Local artists! Young artists! Student artists! A musical showcase, a marketplace, theatrical performances by Parkland's finest, and lots of fun and games for all ages. All day Saturday at Parkland High School's main quad (it is actually less of a quad and more of a circle, but don't tell that to the administration).

I am sorry if this post seems rushed. I am currently fighting for couch space with a HUGE and overly-affectionate boxer puppy. There is really no 'puppy' about this guy. He is using me for a pillow. Eew, he is breathing on me. Note to self: do not get a boxer.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I like the pics you add on your blog.

Katie Bee said...

thanks! how 'bout them links, too? i just learned how to do 'em.