May 15, 2008

Mystery Building!

There is some construction going on along Allen street! Between 18th and 19th streets! What is it? I MUST FIND OUT.

This construction company also renovated the old House of Strawberries up in Orefield. I'm absolutely floored by the transformation (the building's now The Orchard Meat and Fish Company). Before it got renovated I saw the whole side fall off. Like, I'm talking a whole side of stucco and siding just fall away and expose the place like a doll house.

I have previously mentioned about my habit of renovating properties (in my mind, of course) and this one caught my attention last summer. It has such a perfect storefront. I was amazed that it stayed empty for so long. They seem to be changing the front up a bit, what could be going on?

I will do some sleuthing ... later. Right now, I'm on my way to Maine? For real? How did this happen?

Oh, now I remember. I agreed to go to Maine. Hooray for road trips! Hooray for four dollars a gallon!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Maine! I bet it is super exciting! Good news is that 60%voted for Obama