Jun 1, 2008

House of Chen Get-Together II

photo credit: metromix lehigh valley

there is only so much you can see when you read between the lines. face to face interactions are important, they remind us that we are people and not opinion-spouting machines with fingers attached to a keyboard. the house of chen was, in my opinion, a success. i am excited to attend more such events! there was probably a time where we went around introducing ourselves at the table, but i did that thing i usually do* and arrived late.

*"that thing i usually do" is drive past the destination point at least three times before finding it and parking three blocks away.

the most intriguing speech of the night was by alfonso todd. his grassroots organization Project R.E.A.L. and his downtown event Upward Bound Allentown* are nothing to sneeze at. i wish so hard that i could be here july 12th to attend. alas, no, it is not possible to be in two places at once.

*from the site: "UPWARD BOUND, ALLENTOWN ! A multi-cultural celebration being held on July 12, 2008 on Hamilton Street between 6th and 7th streets that will highlight the positive aspects of the Allentown community. Music, food, children's activities, local performers, artists, and community organizations, will be on hand. This will be a day of entertainment, as well as education. We are currently seeking bands, performers, and food and craft vendors of different nationalities that would represent different racial backgrounds. We, also, are requesting volunteers. In addition, small / large businesses and community organizations are encouraged to come out and introduce yourself to the public and obtain possible new clientele and contacts.
For more information, contact Alfonso Todd-484 707 9592 or alfonsotodd36@msn.com"

i am going to go ahead and assume that i was the only person there who had a curfew. golly gee, do i love curfews! man, it is like i'm in high school all over again. this will have to be discussed with the powers that rule the house. you can tell i am thinking about it because you can hear me whimpering.

my brief observations today conclude that i spend more time in allentown than i do at my house (disregarding time spent sleeping). INTERESTING SUBJECT FOR FURTHER STUDY.

tomorrow for the first time in forever i will willingly go to church. i haven't found god or anything, i am just going to talk to the reverend about volunteer opportunities in allentown. i will dig up some good and interesting things with which i will occupy my VAST AND UNSCHEDULED SPARE TIME BECAUSE, APPLY AS I MIGHT, NO ONE IS HIRING.

last night i held a pillow fight at my house (for friends! i am sorry you weren't invited, internet, but you are the internet and i do not have confidence in your pillow-swinging abilities or your ability to fight fairly, you know, being the internet and all.) and i made sure that everyone who came knew that they were supposed to bring a can of food for the grace food bank on sixth street. but they did not! some did. i collected a whopping ten cans. *le sigh* i suppose it is more than none. i will augment it with my own purchases to be made at ... somewhere.

i will probably also check out the new hersh's market!! it is open, did you know?


Bill Villa said...

Katie Bee, it was great having you there (and lowering the room's average age quotient), thanks for coming, see you at the next Chen-Arts Group meeting!

michael molovinsky said...

katie, i can tell you that as a backup to journalism, your well-qualified for social , human services or elder care. after tolerating 2 hours sitting between me and chris casey, we should have at least paid for your dinner, thank you. nice meeting you

j black said...

Thanks for the shout out, KB, it is appreciated. I am sorry you won't be able to attend but I do have future events coming up and lots of volunteer opportunities. Let me know,


Mrs. Dottie said...


Nice to meet you and thanks for attending the meeting. I hope you had a chance to meet people, and I am sorry if I did not get to introduce you to more people.
Keep in touch. I will add you to our group e-mail list.

Anonymous said...

Katie Bee,

I had no idea you were at House of Chen. I wish we could've met! Maybe next time.


Katie Bee said...

oh man! so many comments!

sarina- i didn't know you were there, either! i wondered about it afterwards. i guess we will have to seek each other out next time.

mrs. dottie- i met plenty of people, don't worry! i look forward to the emails.

alfonso- i will keep in touch with you about volunteering.

michael- i think i actually did get some free food: house of chen definitely gave me your rice instead of mine! it is too bad that we didn't get to talk more.

bill- it was nice meeting you!

Chris Casey said...

Good job Katie B, we old people need that young perspective around to keep us balanced. Next time try telling those who hold curfew power what a band of old geezers you are hanging with. wait, on second thought.... maybe not!