Jun 2, 2008

Summer Days

photo credit: me

It is so nice out! Can you believe how nice out it is? I can't. This time last year my brother and I would take advantage of this weather and take the car out into New Tripoli for some picture takin'. The one above is an example of the stuff we'd come across. We did this at all times of the year, but it was most fun when we could roll down the windows, blast the radio and rocket around the hairpin turns.

I usually drove and he would call out "left!" "right!" "straight!" and we'd try our hardest to get lost. Really, all you had to do to get back on track was keep in mind what direction 309 was or just stick on one road long enough for it to spit you out on a main street. One time we found Kutztown! It was craziness! We had no clue where we were until we ended up there. There is some insane stuff out on those back roads. There are towns (villages?) like Werley's Corner that are, indeed, just an intersection with a building on each corner. It is awesome.

It is awesome except I can't do that anymore! Man, I wish I could. If you've got a full tank of gas and at least forty five minutes to kill, I highly recommend it.


Dear Four Dollars A Gallon:

I don't like you.



Mrs. Dottie said...

Katie Bee,

I love those trips too, and we try to do them at least once a month.
SOmetimes the little guy in the back seat gets car sick, but it's still fun cause we usually stop for ice cream at the Crystal Springs Farm Creamery. We have a new small car and it's so much fun to drive, and my hubby loves to blast the radio which drives me crazy. I love the back roads, and dreaming of what it would be like to live in a quiet peaceful setting in a big house with a yard!
Have a fun summer!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to discover you can still get lost in familiar surroundings. Nice photo!

As for Mr. Four Dollars A Gallon:

I want a divorce! This relationship is no longer working. You are bleeding me dry! Sayonara.

Katie Bee said...

Crystal Springs is the MOST DELICIOUS PLACE EVER.

And Sarina- you're married to Mr 4 Dollars A Gallon TOO?! I am going to have to smack that guy in the face, I thought I was his one and only!!!