Jul 11, 2008


My sister and I walk up and down Las Ramblas all day. It is the only street we take to get anywhere. It seems like it never ends, but it is really just under one kilometer. It changes character at every newsstand. Flower stands, living statues, artists, artisans, pet stands, musicians - they are all here. I wonder how they get permits, if there are even permits, what kinds of zoning laws Barcelona has. Is it weird that I am really into zoning law all of a sudden? I was explaining my interests to my cousin at our family reunion and I ended up talking about zoning laws and Allentown for a while. I´m sure it made no sense to her seeing as she is from Colorado, but at the end of it we both decided,"well, someone´s gotta like it."

At any rate, Barcelona has more to do than Madrid but, alas, it lacks a sangria cave! That is ok, because I think I like mojitos a lot more. Like, A LOT. The town smells because it is next to the sea and the humidity makes all the scents travel fast and far.

I don´t think I will ever understand the euro-mullet. Business in the front, rasta in the back? Seriously? Are those pants somehow cutting off circulation to your judgement-makin´parts? I am all for crazy hair, but sheesh. It is a little silly!

OH. Katie Bee made her first alcohol-induced bad decision today. A veritable bucket of sangria and a light meal got me in an AWESOME spanish-hablante mood and OH EM GEE there were some street musicians selling discs and I just HAD TO HAVE ONE. 10 Euros later I had one. Two hours later I was sober and wanted my 10 Euros back. I am assuming that this is a pretty decent drunk decision, but MAN. THAT WAS, LIKE, 20 BUCKS.

Tomorrow - wine tour! Then! Italy! Hooray!

One of these days I´ma hook up my camera and pour all my photos into Flickr and all y´all will be able to see my Euro drunk revelry.*

*Future employers, Hello!!

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Anonymous said...

i really hope that when you were here, you completely overemphasized the barTHelona, so that it makes you sound super european... or have a lisp