Jul 14, 2008


"KATIE you have got to stop talking about drinking on your blog, you are making me sound like a bad sister!"

FIIIIIINE. Barcelona is the city of Gaudi and it is endlessly beautiful. My feet are just a throbbing mess of blisters and cuts from the city streets. A nice private tapas and wine tour from Marcos and then we left the city - at three in the morning. SURPRISINGLY it was busier at three AM than at 6 PM or really any other time for that matter. Truly Jane Jacobs idea of staggering business hours in order to keep people in an area in order to maximize safety, no? Also to make sure you hear different versions of "DONT YOU WANT ME BAY-BAY, DONT YOU WANT ME GIRRRRRRL" at all hours, at least.

So! Italy! Country of delicious-sounding nouns! Seriously! "Left baggage" in italian sounds like it would be the best main course EVER. And Milan! City of SmartCars! They are totally everywhere. Apparently the italians dont ever make a line or qeue or however its spelled. Also their keyboards dont have an apostrophe key. It is frustrating to the max. But I have all these fabulous pictures! ...and no usb outlet. Do not fear (becuase I know you care so so so much) you will see the pictures eventually.

I am in Vernazza right now. I didnt know they made water this blue. You cant have a car in this town because there is no place to put a car, you have to get there by foot. So we hiked to another town. Our feet need a vacation from this vacation, as my sister says.

My sister also says that it costs a ridiculous amount of money to be on the internet here. So I am totally out.


Anonymous said...

Your parents give you a curfew in the Parkland area and turn you loose in Europe?! What were they thinking... ;) It sounds like you're having a great time. The whole LV blog world seemed to go on vacation at the same time, but yours is definitely the farthest and most exotic! I'm looking forward to those pictures.

gsbrace said...

stay safe... can't wait to hear all the stories.

j black said...

Attempting to live through you and your words vicariously. (It's not worrking) Bring me back a post card. LOL!!!