Jul 17, 2008


PSST, ALLENTOWN! JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME, I THINK FLORENCE HAS A BETTER ART SCENE. This city makes me want to drop what I'm doing and check into art school.

I am in Florence/Firenze right now. I sort of don't understand why, from language to language, proper nouns change. I can see it for a language that uses a different alphabet, but not for the good ol' 26 letters! Roma? Rome? Italia? Italy? Psh!!

We marched/trudged through the town last night in search for gelato. Apparently they invented it in Florence! It is totally the best invention ever. Aside from sanitation, maybe.

Awright! Hostels! Totally a good idea. Last night we were up 'till one (or two? three?) with other English speakers at the hostel. I am totally feeling a kindred spirit with the Australians. The speaking English part helps, of course, but also because they are a young country, too! All these old buildings fascinate me and the Europeans I talk to can't seem to understand why. Maybe Europeans go to 'MERICA and tour "historic districts" and laugh a lot?* Anyway, the aussies are totally nice and armed with those ever-charming accents that seem to blind an American girl like me and turn me into a boy-chasing drone. It makes me a terrific conversationalist (not really) and I just end up agreeing with everything male-aussie says.

*"Oh, honey, look! 1856! This building is from 1856! They are calling it 'HISTORIC' Oh, darling, let's take a photo!! This is so quaint."

**Ossie? Ozzie? Or is that last one used exclusively for the philosopher Ozzie Osbourne?

Tomorrow more tourist things in Florence and then to Rome and then home! My back and feet need a break from all this Europe nonsense. These shoes need to get thrown out. My clothes need to be washed. Alas, no! Florence, ahoy!

Pee Ess- I have heard that The Shanty was bought by Technicolor Salon? Is this true? And also that Cannons doesn't count as Cannons anymore, but that Liberty Street Tavern has got the chef and a bartender from Cannons, so it is the new hot spot. Is this also true? I need your confirmation because I am a)far away from Allentown and b)not exactly legally allowed to frequent Cannons/LibertyStreetTavern.

Oh man, I am going to wash my feet. These streets are naaaaaaaastaaaaaay.


Anonymous said...

Mmm, gelato. It's 94 degrees here to day and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. You're not missing much.

As for TC Salon - the rumor is true. They have an agreement of sale. See Mrs. Dottie's blog for more.

And the Liberty St. Tavern - I have not heard that rumor. I was actually at the tavern a couple weeks ago and had a great time.

Katie Bee said...

Thanks, Sarina! I checked out her blog -- didn't know that they were going to do so much with the place! I remember going to the location across from Cedar Crest Plaza to get my eyebrows done and thinking that it could probably benefit a lot from having a location that was nearer to Allentown's center. I didn't really imagine it in the Shanty, but I guess it works!

Mrs. Dottie said...

Hi Katie Bee world traveler,

Sounds like you are having a great time! Chef Kevin from Cannon's is friend of family and we have heard he is now at Liberty St. Tavern. We have not been there yet, but I'm sure the food is great.

Greg Weaver show is really neat, hope you get to see it.

Have fun and stay safe. Chen Arts party on 26th, Sat, if you are back in time. You can tell us all about art in Florence!!

Michael Donovan said...

1979 --- so long ago that I visited Florence. It was an amazing place, and I never really saw enough.

Have fun. Your thoughts on your blog always welcomed, thoughtful, and inspiring.

I am on vacation in New Hampshire, and will be able to be at the next Art get together.

Best regards,

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan said...

woops...typo...I will be unable to attend next week. Typing to quickly.