Jul 7, 2008

So I´m in Europe

Madrid! City of banks! I feel like every third storefront we pass is a bank. But it is not just about the banks, here. It is also a city of "That building is beautifu-OHMYGOD THAT building is beau-NO THAT ONE IS." Every building is beautiful. Maybe my standards have so been lowered by hideous strip malls and pre-fab homes* that any building that looks half-sensible and thoughtfully designed makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

*I am pretty sure this is the case.

My sister and I are staying in a Hostel. It is totally awesome! In my opinion, much better than a hotel. Except that we don´t have air conditioning. But that is ok! Sort of!

Madrid is also a town where I can get a drink! I woke up from my siesta* and thought "MOJITOMOJITOMOJITO" and later one appeared in my hand! For the price of 11 euro!** BUT IT WAS SO GOOD A++++ EXPERIENCE. WILL ORDER AGAIN.

*BEST. IDEA. EVER. Dear U.S. - adopt a siesta hour plz, makes day much longer. love, me.
**in all fairness, I DID purchase it from a street bar during a street festival and it was HUGE. Maybe not fully worth the 11€, but worth something.
Awright, so I´m in Europe. I´m seeing Bruce Springstein t-shirts, advertisments for High School Musical and Hannah Montana and lots of American Eagle gear. It is a little frustrating, but it is not totally overwhelming. It was like this when I was in Mexico. I would be all, "oh snap! this is amazing! i´m in mexico!" and then there´d be a gaggle of guys wearing girl pants and MCR shirts. I don´t think that we realize how much of our pop culture gets exported and I think that it´s funny that we´re all so hypersensitive about any Spanish-speaking culture´s presence in the U.S. yet we´re omnipresent in their cultures. But that is life? I guess?

Did I mention that the food is awesome? I mean, the food that we´re able to get. I am not so good at ordering stuff. My spanish IS a lot better than I thought it was, though.

Awright, Apple Bottom Jeans and Boots With Tha Fur just came on the radio, so that means I have to get out of this building ASAP. AMERICAN CULTURE STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND.

ps. this keyboard is totally cool. i´m not sure if it´s coming up on your screen, but i can totally make an upside down questionmark and exclamationpoint and other stuff! Sweet!

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3BG said...

So, KB, how are the trains running? Isn't it amazing how they get around without multiple highway bypasses? I hope you are going to Venice, it is spectacular. have fun, and post lots of puctures!