Jul 5, 2008

Europe? For reals? Oh Em Gee.

So, blogosphere, I have been keeping a secret from you (I am sorry!). The secret is that I am going to be out of town/country for a while. You can make up lots of reasons about why I am in Spain and Italy, but it is probably nothing about hiding out and laying low and cool stuff. It is mostly (read: totally) about the vacationing! My big sister and I are going to do awesome things. Don't worry, we'll keep you in mind while we're there. We'll have fun so that you can devote all your time to working! We are doing this for your own good.

In other news! I am going to go ahead and blog all the stuff that I have been too lazy to blog about.

FINALLY there is some paintings in the Hava Java. Oh man, I have been told so many different dates about this stuff, it is ridiculous. Katie, you fail journalism 101: getting your facts right. Sheesh. I have photographic proof. It's just not on my computer yet. OH MAN I AM KIND OF BAD AT THIS. My camera cord is all packed.

Sunflower watch! The field across from Kernsville Elementary School is a sunflower field! They are not blooming yet, so wait a while. Maybe next week?

Oh man i am going to be late for my flight.

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