Aug 30, 2008

Allentown Elsewhere II

Full picture of the photo in the banner, 19th Street Theatre photo credit: me
Ginny: So I heard people talking about your town on the shuttle today.
Me: Allentown?
Ginny: They were saying that it was really cool and that everybody went there but not so much anymore. Does that sound like your town?
Me: That is pretty accurate.

Allentown, your reputation precedes you! That is ok. People will be slamming you for a while! Especially while you have all that crime stuff happening. Do not worry, it is like being a teenager and NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOU but it happens to, like, every city and neighborhood. Well, not, like, EVERY every, but, like, a lot of them. Just talk to Anacostia. People were so scared of her! People still are! Look at her now, she is getting a new coat of paint left and right. They are saying that she will be the next hot place to live. You will get there, too. All this globalization stuff makes people homesick even when they are right at home and it makes them want their own little corner of the world that they can lift up and show the rest of the world, "HEY WE DO THINGS TOO, LOOK AT THIS." and you may be a show and tell object for a while, but do not worry! You will come into your own.

a quote from a friend: "I just watched an entire interview with Sarah Palin. I feel brainwashed into drilling in the homeland of the moose."

man, all anyone is talking about around here is sara palin.


j black said...

LOL!!! Sara Palin will definitely have her 30 seconds of fame. Win or lose, I hope she enjoys it.


Katie Bee said...

30 seconds or four years. oh man, i don't know how i feel about either of those.