Aug 27, 2008

College! High Five! Chug!

Jake, Tim, Vitus and the DNC Riot Wall/Fort Awesome. Photo credit: Me

Dudes dudes dudes, I am sorry to refer to all y'all as dudes but I just gotta. Wanna know why? I'm in COLLEGE now, you see. And that requires me to think "a lot" during classes and studying and "not a lot" when not in classes or studying. Which is why my floor and I made a fort out of cardboard boxes last night.

We. Are. Awesome.

My "Dissident Media: Voices From the Underground" course* professor was all, "Did I know Tim Russert?" when the girl asked. "Did I KNOW Tim Russert? I lived next to him in high school. His sister babysat my daughter. We moved out of town the same week. Good journalist."

*this course is less about blogs and fanzines and more about Thomas Paine and other such pamphleteers ushering on the various uprisings that make America TOTALLY AWESOMEZ!!11!! That is ok! You have to start somewhere.

And my history professor was the most frightening man I have ever met and the class is going to be painfully awesome. We have 11 books. He is impeccably dressed. Every bit of him is poised to pounce. He was ready to kill the kids that came in at 12:46. We are going to learn.

Other professors are not exactly noteworthy.

Dear Girl In My Media Class:

You said you were from Allentown! And then I said I was from Allentown! There was a moment of eye contact, but you left soon after the class ended! WHY?


As for this drinking in college nonsense that all y'all over 21s are worried about, you don't know a thang. Just saying that we want to talk about it doesn't mean we're irresponsible morons. College is the place for open discussion. I mean, shit*, the drinking age has been 21 for a while and the alcohol transports on my campus just keep going up and up. Sitting in the hospital for 9 hours on a friday night was awesome, let me tell you. Thinking my friend was gonna die just because it was her third night drinking EVER was awesome. Doing something like that without the benefit of being around elders to make you keep your shit** together is awesome.

I am just coming from a totally different perspective and this is all probably really inflamatory, but whatever. I can defend my opinion.


*superfluous cursing?! I must be back at school!
**OH NO THERE I GO AGAIN, such a loose woman, I tell ya.


Michael Donovan said...

Katie good luck!

My younger boy just started at Ithaca. He is wicked happy!

Katie Bee said...

Ithaca is great! I know a few people that went there and they loved it.

Thanks for the luck! I'll need it, especially for that history course.

j black said...

You'll be fine. The September issue of LVF will be up by Sat, so watch for it. And good luck! Enjoy THESE years, like I did, they don't get much better. ( unless you make them better, like I do) (smile)


Katie Bee said...

alfonso- i feel like my graduation is just going to be a bunch of my relatives saying, "well, congratulations on getting through the easiest part of life!" but i have two more years until that happens. so i'm going to pretend it doesn't exist (i think this is ok to do, right?)

gsbrace said...

college is fun but real life is better. I remember when my dad would tell me to enjoy childhood when I was a kid b/c becoming an adult isn't fun. I disagree.

My mentor always says that if these are the best four years of your life, what do you have to look foward to after this.

But please, be safe. When you are done with your history course, we can exchange horror stories.