Sep 9, 2008

The First Cabinet

"The first cabinet had Washington for a president, Adams for a VP, Jefferson for the Secretary of State, Hamilton for the treasury and Knox for the Secretary of War. It should make you weep - WEEP that a cabinet could look like this."

-Professor Kane

I love this history class so much I wish that I could be a history major. But I realize that I only like it because of the way he's teaching.

You know those classes that kids hate because the professor is so demanding and assigns tons of readings and randomly calls on you in class and knows you can't cheat at all because the prof knows everything through and through? Yeah. I LOVE those classes.* I am the asshole who can think on her feet when the professor settles his eyes on hers. It is incredible.

Of course, I hate hate HATE the courses that are taught through "self teaching" and "discovery." That kind of stuff is all well and good if it is elementary school and the school has "montessori" in the title somewhere, but I can't stand them in college. I am the asshole sitting in the back with a sour look on her face just wishing the professor would JUST TELL US THE ANSWER because she knows the prof knows it and is having a lot of fun watching us squirm.

Of course, I have three classes of the latter variety this semester.

*"Oh, Katie, you wouldn't fit in at Hampshire. Not at all." Says my friend Jake. Hampshire college is like a running joke for our circle because we each know someone there and we hear these ridiculously incriminating stories that make us just go WOW that is not even possible in the DC area. Of course, there are a lot of things that are possible when your school is in its own bubble. Haha, Hampshire. Oh, Hampshire, we do it because we love you. You keep on doing your thing, dude. It's ok with us.

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