Sep 8, 2008

This Makes Me So Happy Why Does This Make Me So Happy Oh Man I Am Happy

there are times when we go out on the town at two in the morning and then there are TONS of people there and then we go to a hookah bar and then we have so much fun! the secret to having eyes on the street is to have fun streets THAT IS THE SECRET it is also the secret to having drunk pedestrians on the street. that part isn't so much fun.

Today was good and today was bad and today was going to end not-so-well but then-THEN I remembered this website!! And it made me Happy! And now it's a good day. Here is the site! Just keep clicking because it is glorious.*

I AM back in DC, aren't I? Tonight I went to a party and there was a drunk fight over POLITICS and I honestly heard the word "maverick" 12 times. Oh Em Effing Gee people at least take it inside there are neighbors**, you know.

*Sarah Palin is NOT your new bicycle.
**but a stipulation to living in DC is that you hear arguments happening next door and you realize it is people yelling about politics and you are all, "Oh wait darling we live in DC, let's not intervene and listen instead, maybe they have a good point?"


Anonymous said...

Those links were hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing.

Katie Bee said...

Aren't they?! I am just so glad that Barack smiled when he heard my name. But that sarah girl, oh man, she wore the band shirt to the concert! who DOES that??