Sep 4, 2008

My Plans for This Semester

My plans for this semester are thus:

-get meaningful internship
-get paying job
-party in residence hall elevators*
-party in the stairwell
-party in the clubs**
-party in that one diner down on Conn. Ave
-study in the library
-study in the trees***
-take a walking tour of Anacostia
-learn to realize when my roommate is talking to ME and not her bluetooth
-finally finish reading all the books i started over the summer

and finally...

-be sarah palin for halloween

*i waited an obnoxiously long time for the elevator today. when the doors opened, there was jake and nick and vitus and tim. and they were having fake conversations on their phones. and playing fake card games. on a stolen desk. sitting on stolen chairs. in the elevator.
**the gay clubs. the straight clubs scare me.
***we get wifi EVERYWHERE on campus. it is, like, totally insane.

there is a lot to get done! i will totally get good grades. cross my heart and hope to die.

P.S.- I will not be able to attend the CHARGE meeting on account of being at school and all, but I chose the webcomic up top in the spirit of ARRRRRT. The comic is Pictures For Sad Children by John Campbell. He says it is "pretty ok" and I agree. It is pretty funny, too! It is like, remember that time you ate ramen noodles three meals in a row? let's write a comic about it!

here is a link for your linking pleasure: Pictures for Sad Children


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of being Sarah Palin for Halloween! You need a wig, chiclets for teeth, big wax lips and square glasses. A snowmobile and a rifle wouldn't hurt either! ;)

You must post a photo if you actually go through with this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, someone else could go with you as McCain...Michael Myers mask, spray the hair white...hee, hee.

Katie Bee said...

haha! i am just going to borrow my sister's glasses, dye my hair brown, get into a pantsuit, carry a baby doll around and wear a "just your average hockey mom" sign. i told my very very conservative father and he said people would be offended but then again you go to college to disappoint your parents, right?

my friend still has white hair spray from when he went as mister rogers.