Sep 6, 2008

You Know You're From The Lehigh Valley When...

This is from the "Yes, I'm From the Lehigh Valley" group on Facebook. There's a similar group on Myspace, maybe I will share that one sometime? It's all very entertaining.

Here you go...

"-You thought everyone in the world had 2 or 3 different choices for ABC NBC CBS and FOX (this reception is getting fuzzy, there must be a storm in Philly, I'll just switch to the New York Channel).
-You think Industrial Parks are better uses of the land than Farms.
-You have a relation to the land for residential, commercial, or industrial reasons.
-You actually can show people the dairy where your milk comes from.
-If it takes less than ten minutes to get to a mall but more than 10 minutes to park and get inside.
-If you can go to a church bazaar every night all summer and not go to the same one twice (and not win at bingo either).
-If you lived somewhere between Mario Andretti's place and Larry Holmes' place and yet never watched a Race or a Prize Fight.
-If you have rooted for either side in a Lehigh - Lafayette game.
-If you prefer Yocco's over Pott's or vice versa.
-If you think Quakertown is far away (25 minutes by car) but you think nothing of driving 15 minutes one way to pick up a friend and then backtrack another 25 to get your girlfriend and then another 10 to get your friend's girlfriend and then another 20 to go to the movies on a Friday night.
-If you've ever been to a 'platz.
-If you've ever said to yourself "Damn, I need two more tickets" while attending a platz.
-If you or any of your relatives have ever "worked the beer tent."
-When you and your co-workers discuss the "game last weekend" on Monday morning, you're referring to high school football.
-You think the PPL Building and Martin's Tower are skyscrapers.
-You can get pierogies in every restaurant.
-You think the Morning Call has a great sports section.
-You've been stuck in traffic on Rt 22.
-You know that 7th Street, MacArthur Road and Rt 145 are the same stretch of road.

...below are all added from what you say, i don't change them, so there you go...
-You know what a tasty cake is, and when you go out of town you take boxes and boxes with you.
-You've been to Dorney Park millions of times and can recite, "thank you and enjoy your stay here at dorney park...and wild water kingdom." in the same voice as the woman who says it.
-A-Treat Soda, nuff said.
-If you know at least 10 or more people that have attendend or are attending a community college (LCCC, NACC).
-You call it a hoagie, not a sub, and deffinitly not a hero.
-You know what quoits are, and play it at just about every picnic, party, and place you go.
-You call it soda, not pop.
-You know what Turkey Hill Tea is, and drink it regularly.
-You think Martin Towers IS the Empire State building! (aparently some people do?)
-It is illegal for a man to have an erection in public (Allentown). haha
-You know what a porkroll is, and actually like them.
-You hate anything and everything about Parkland High School, except maybe a couple of people, unless of course you went there.
-Someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work there.
-"Vacation" means going anywhere south of Philadelphia for the weekend.
-You measure distance in hours.
-You know several people who have hit a deer more than once.
-You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction.
-You know that Billy Joel's song is about Bethlehem and not Allentown.
-You tell people The Rock graduated from your high school (Freedom) and no one believes you.
-All the kids you know from New York and Jersey think you're amish.
-You can buy Yuengling from the plant it's brewed at.
-You or someone you know have gotten a citation for goin' to the quarry.
-You have at least 10 friends with the last names Cruz, Sanchez, Rivera, or Rodriguez.
-You spell/say it Bethlum not Bethlehem.
-You remember when Beca was still a good football team.
-You know the words to the Service Electric Song.
-You know that South Whitehall Township and Allentown are different, even though mail is sent to Allentown (and probably the same with other townships).
-You know that there are covered bridges all over the place, and contemplated following those random little covered bridge tour signs.
-you know what the 'coop-d' is and you're sad that it isn't 24 hours a day anymore.
-you know where linkies is and remeber free pretzel stix from your childhood.
-you know the Qmart shuffle, and why the shuffle is necessary.
-you know where the best cheesesteaks in the lehigh valley are... CROSSROADS.
-you know how to drive 309 North as to not screw up the suspension on your car.
-you know the multiple ways to get to and from the lehigh valley mall.
-you know what bootgirl is, and what tatoo place it's located above.
-You knew what the "smile" spas were long before they were ever busted.;)
-Wing Night at your local pub was the highlight of your week.
-You have "Trick or Treated" at the house of the family that makes Mike 'n Ike's and marshmellow Peeps...
-You can pronounce 'Hokendauqua' or 'Catasauqua' without consulting the dictionary but still insist on calling it 'Hoky' and "Catty'.
-You have eaten the Grand Champion Jaindl Turkey that the President of the United States has ate every year straight since 1966.
-You are sad that Ken Matthews no longer hosts the Morning Show on B104.
-you ever tried to throw a penny on the back of the JC Penney eagle to make a wish.
-you remember seeing the old Bethlehem Steel buildings growing up and are sad to see them go.
-you remember when their was no fast food place in bethlehem.
-you remember lehigh pizza was in an old metal diner in the parking lot to where wendys is.
-You know that "indian statue" on 378 thats looking over bethlehem."

Additional note: I had a conversation with a girl on my floor today.
me: oh man, the college near me has some fireplaces in there buildings
girl: what school?
me: lehigh
girl: WAIT, where are you from?
me: allentown
girl: me too!
me: oh man! where in allentown?
girl: i live, like, near parkland high school
me: ME TOO oh man where near parkland?
girl: along orefield road
girl: this is crazy

yes, yes it is.


j black said...

THis was funny. I especially liked the end and the mini-reunion you had. (smile)


Katie Bee said...

oh man it was hardly a reunion, though! i mean, we went to the same high school, lived in the same town, and knew the same people but we had never ever seen eachother in our lives! that is what parkland high school was like. at graduation i was all "oh man, who ARE you people?"

A.J.C. said...

Nice post! It made me smile :)

Quick FYI: It's NCC now, not NACC.

Another FYI: I'm going to link to your blog later in the week. I noticed you were linking to mine. What's wrong with you? LOL!