Oct 2, 2008

Debate Games

Debate drinking games are overrated. Enter: PALIN/BIDEN BINGO!

Mark off each talking point and buzzword. It may make the process less painful. There is no guarantee that you will survive the debate with your brains intact, though. Already mine are scattered throughout the room.

I am astounded that people can actually SAY these things. Biden is a lot less impressive than my Hope/Change/InsertAbstractNounHere-blinded optimistic self was led to believe and Palin just makes my women's rights head hurt when she opens her mouth. Honestly, Palin, stop getting all middle-school on Biden. Stop, STOP.

Biden: Please, please, learn English. Your comparative statements' syntax contributed to my brain-blowout.

Isn't it great that we practice diplomacy by NOT talking to other countries? I think that's great.


A.J.C. said...

Can bingo be played while drinking?

The debate just ended a few minutes ago. I didn't get to watch the entire thing, but Palin did not impress me at all.

Katie Bee said...

Bingo can TOTALLY be played while drinking. haven't you ever been to church bingo? Intemperance, ahoy!

Palin impressed me because she exceeded her standards. Then I remembered that her standards were abysmally low to begin with.

A.J.C. said...

I was actually thrown out of church bingo as a teenager. E-mail me sometime and I'll tell you about it.