Oct 4, 2008


I have heard you. I have seen you drive though campus with your windows down and music blaring. I have seen you high and I have seen you drunk. I have been to your parties. I have experienced your quick look-down look up glance at my cleavage and it made me feel good for one second and it made me hate you the next. And I have said "Hey, stranger" and you did say "Hey, baby" and I controlled you and I want you to know that I want nothing, nothing to do with you. The feeling follows me around like a hungry dog.

Even now your music rings in my ears. In the morning, I will regret my words. I will try to say them back into my mouth, my head, but right now I can't stand the thought of you.

And I thought I'd like you to know. All of you. Goddamn college kids.

Some days I just need to get out of this city.

Later I am going to do a post about webcomics and then after that I am going to tell you* about how public transportation IS and how it SHOULD BE and I am also going to tell you how Amtrak wants to get used, and what you're doing wrong that messes you up all the time.

*not the same "you" as in the first part of the post. this time i mean all y'all readers out there! i was pretty angry up there, wasn't i?

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