Dec 1, 2008

The Compy is Kaput

My computer decided that it didn't like its hard drive and thought it a good idea to fry it. I'm writing this in the computer lab. I have no computer for at least a week.

As a member of the "digital generation," I'm feeling like I've had an arm cut off. Maybe not that drastic. Think of your own metaphor. I need to figure out how to function without all my tabs. And without all my music. And without all my pictures. And without all my documents.

Note to self: BACK YOUR SHIT UP.

Christmas list: external hard drive. books.

I feel like WHARRBGARBLE dog. Maybe that's an appropriate metaphor. Oh, internet! Why have you forsaken me?


Chris Casey said...

Office Depot has portable drives for $70. Mrs C got me one for my B'day to back up all my Cemetery Pictures.

A.J.C. said...

I keep saying that I'm going to back up my drive, but never do. I probably should...