Dec 3, 2008

Teh Intarweb iz a series of Toobz

"You see, Katie, WHARRGARBLE dog is experiencing an absolute overwhelming of stimuli. It is something that, without your information portal, you are not. This metaphor does not work."

That was a floormate. Jake. He is right. I am not WHARRGARBLE dog. I am just a member of the "digital generation"* without her "digital."

*they are also calling me a member of GenO. As in "generation that elected Obama." I do not know who "they" are or exactly when "my generation" has been referred to as this, it was just something someone told me. Aaaaand I think it's ridiculous.

WHO AM I? What am I without my computer? This has turned out to be less a pragmatic crisis and more of an existential one. I need to realign my life and make sure that I am someone who is tolerable. I am gonna go work on this. And I am somehow gonna do this without a computer. I mean, I am sort of doing it right now but it is WITH A COMPUTER.

ZOMG don't know how 2 deal. Need 2 get pickd up by the roflcopter right now or sumthing.** Shud I just be all "ur problemz r my problemz?" or wut?

**for definition of roflcopter, see this post and refer to definition number 2. To further have your mind blown by ridiculous "digital generation" speak, see any and all entries from, but you must remember that hipsters and the digital generation are not the same thing, although there are lots of crossover hits.

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