Dec 13, 2008

Home for the Holidays!

I am home! As in the Lehigh Valley! As in HOME COOKING and NOT STUDYING, which are two really great things.

My To-Do List:

-eat home cooked meals
-see friends
-read read read
-OH NO NOT THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ok I guess I will go Christmas shopping...
-write that paper!!

I have worked to keep it a short to-do list. A girl's gotta prioritize, and eating and relaxing just happen to be priorities. Although, apparently the Christmas shopping and paper-writing are going to counterbalance all those relaxing hours.

Why did I decide to write a paper over my winter break, again? OH, YEAH, I AM CRAZY.

Crazy for urban studies. I am writing a paper for a conference called "Urban Transformations." I can only hope it is half as epic as it sounds. I am excited. As much as I am dragging my heels about all this, I am really jacked about all of it and can't wait to start research. Hooray!


Chris Casey said...

Welcome Home!

gsbrace said...

let me know if you need help on that paper.