Dec 23, 2008


I still can't believe I thought it was a good idea to go to the mall two days before Christmas.

It was somehow impossible to find a decent men's scarf for under thirty dollars. Also, Nestor's: Please, please, please stop trying to sell knit hats for forty five dollars. I mean, for serious, REALLY? They ARE remarkably soft and pretty, but STILL, a girl's got other places to spend her cash!

Like the music store! I don't usually purchase CDs* , but I sprang for the Sufjan Stevens Christmas EP collection. It is great! I plan to post some mp3s on this blog (eventually), but right now all I can do is direct you to YouTube to search "Sufjan Stevens Christmas" and listen. Like I said, it is great! Banjos AND Christmas? Count me in.

*there are too many really great music blog aggregators that let you search for specific mp3s. It is totally legal, too! ... I think ...

I always underestimate how much money presents cost. I usually trick myself into thinking it costs less to make the presents, but that is a different post!


A.J.C. said...

I try and do my shopping when the weather is bad. Less people go outside. However, I hate shopping overall.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Sufjan Stevens had a Christmas album! I must pass this along.

Katie Bee said...

The Christmas album is actually a collection of EPs he's done over the years. It is pretty awesome! My brother is not into it at all, he likes really traditional and church-y choral stuff and my parents are into standard christmas classics which include Alvin and the Chipmunks. If I could go just one Christmas without hearing THAT album, well! it would be the best Christmas ever.

Shopping is laborious and awful. It is the fastest way to get me to say "I hate humanity."