Jan 28, 2009

Glam Rock Rabbit Hole

Kevin Barnes: I am prepared to marry you at your convenience.

I have fallen into a glam-rock rabbit hole and I can't get out. It is just too, too ... too beautiful! What is it about effeminate lead singers who wear very few (but very tight) clothes? And makeup? And have proclaimed heterosexual preferences? LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

I have watched this video probably three times each day. Brandon Flowers, how'd you get so great? Answer me THAT. I am also thinking: maybe he is trying to be the new Bowie? I'd say that Kevin Barnes, of Of Montreal, is shooting for Bowie (he's got a stage persona, Georgie Fruit, a 40 year old black man who has had multiple sex change operations), but I think that Barnes works better as a new Queen. Maybe. Maybe not if Mika has already taken that role. He is actually a one man Queen. He can hit ALL the notes. ALL OF THEM.


j black said...

VERY, VERY good song and video. It made me nostalgic for the 80's and early 90's. It did sound like a cross between David bowie, Queen, and Grace Jones (the beats). Thanks for putting me on to them.


Glenn said...

Without looking at the picture and reading the first part I was going to suggest you check out Of Montreal, but you beat me to it in the post. Oh well, at least someone else in the valley has a good taste in music.

Chris Casey said...

Queen and Bowie are two of the greatest Stage performers EVER.
"Under Pressure" is a rock anthem for my generation.
I can't wait to check these guys out.
BTW, you come up with the best post titles. Always makes me want to look and see what's hiding in here.

Katie Bee said...

@alfonso- love that you love the music! i plan to do more posts on music in the future. who DOESN'T like music?

@glenn- there are lots of people with good music taste in the valley! it is great. do you listen to WXPN? they broadcast outta philly, but it's all i listen to when i'm at home. they play things from elephant 6 a lot, so you've got your of montreal and neutral milk hotel covered.

@chris casey- i am going to give you a lot more music to check out! a forewarning: youtubing of montreal is kind of tricky, because you end up with a lot of hockey videos. i'd go to stereogum.com and search for "of montreal" instead. as for the post titles, i try to keep it entertaining!

Glenn said...

Hadn't heard of that station, actually. I'll have to see if I can pick it up. I'm usually listening to 104.5 out of Philly.

Katie Bee said...

i'm pretty sure it's 104.9, so you are close! they have some pretty crazy shows, but y-rock on weeknights is great.