Jan 23, 2009

Webcomics Day

click to enlarge, titled: tell me, where is evil bred, in the heart or in the head?

We haven't had one of these in quite a long time, have we? Don't worry, I have not been deaf to your weeping. Here is: A Softer World!

A Softer World is a project between emily horne and joey comeau. Emily does pictures and Joey does words. The words are what get you, too. The dude has something so beautifully wrong with him -- A Softer World is just a little glimpse into his head and, frankly, it is quite enough. It's not always funny. Actually, it's not all that often that it shoots for mainstream humor. If you've got any sort of dark, twisted, don't-go-to-cocktail-parties-because-you-know-you'll-say-something-you'll-regret sense of humor, then it is funny pretty often!

However, if you are the least bit uptight, it is probably horribly offensive so I can only recommend that you go through the archives, read each one, and tally all your rage and renumerate it in a long letter to Joey. You might not be able to reach him, though, because the dude takes off on adventures each time he gets a little bit of money. That is just his way.


Casey Claus said...

I think it is one of the most creative things I have seen.
I like it!
I took a break from my writing project to browse my favorite blogs, and this is the perfect recipe for curing my mental fatigue!

Katie Bee said...

it is also addictive! be careful, or else you'll read the entire archive in one sitting.

also, make sure to let your mouse hover over the images because you get alt. text and sometimes that is ten billion times more funny than the comic. and sometimes he hides the punchline in there, too.