Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I had a good new year's eve. I hope you did, too. I even got home alive! I am happy about that. My parents are pretty stoked about it, too! Hooray! Alive is a good way to start a new year, right?

I drove home around 2 am this morning (last night?) and I know that 2 am is probably the worst time to go out driving on new year's day because of all the drunk people leaving their bars/parties/grandmother's house. So I was all white-knuckles and muttering to myself all five miles home. "Get through this intersection! Quickly! See any headlights? No, good, ok, DRIVE! Not too fast! Oh good god not so fast! Oh man, so many people are probably drunk. MAYBE THE DEER ARE DRUNK."

I get kind of crazy when I stay up late and drink a lot of caffeine. I do not handle caffeine so well. I mean, it is sometimes awesome to be all hopped up on caffeine. Like, I can see everything, even when I'm not wearing my contacts. I have no idea what crazy body science is behind that. It is pretty cool.

I am going to go enjoy my new years day. I also want to apologize for not having any pictures in the last posts! I like to limit the pictures I post to be the ones I take myself, and I've left my card reader at school! TRAGEDY. Your loss? I think so.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Coffee is my weakness, especially Sumatra. If you like a good caffeine buzz with hearty flavor, I recommend it.

j black said...

I hate that you weren't able to make it to the GSS event. It was GREAT and you DESERVED to be there! So much was done WIT Hyour help and assistance. We did pay homage to you bu posting your pic on www.lifestylesofthegss.piczo.com You look great in our shirt! We've had so many comments about the pic, you would think Ben's site was E-Harmony.com. LOL!!!

Alfonso Todd

gsbrace said...

I've seen you hyped up on caffeine. It was something entertaining. In fact, I've never met you without caffeine. What are you like without that hype?

I love the comment about the drunk deer.