Jan 18, 2009

Oh, Yeah, Inauguration.

Hmm...I am in D.C. I heard there's something big happening on Tuesday. Like, something HUGE. Like, I can't use metro because 10 million visitors and tourists are gonna use it.

Inauguration. I plan to go and watch that dude get all inaugurated and stuff. The plan is moronic and the plan is this: I wake up at four. I wake my roommate up. I wake my friends up. We gather ourselves together. We walk 6 miles to the capitol. We stake out a seat by the reflecting pool. We sneer at our friends who got tickets to be in the fenced-off area. We camp out for 8 (ish) hours. I read and sew and eat a bagel and dried fruit (like the oregon trail!). Dude gets inaugurated. We walk back, hoping like the Obama kids we are that we don't have frostbite.

See? We're college kids! That means our plans are SMART plans!

Truthfully, and Blogosphere, I am only telling YOU, if that thermometer reads 32 or below, I ain't sticking with the game plan. I'm going down, taking a few pictures, and leaving to watch the rest on TV while I do something productive and WARM.

Also! It is noon and I JUST WOKE UP. My life is awesome. You're jealous. I can tell.


A.J.C. said...

I really want to go to this but don't think I'll be able to. I hope everything goes smooth!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I managed to swing some tix for my grandson and step-daughter. They'll be staying in DC tomorrow night.

This is a big deal to my 9 year-old grandson, who on election day, asked his mom for an Obama sign on a roadway. It has been in his yard since that day.

Like Obama, my grandson is half-black. This had special meaning for him. I wish I could go, too, but there were only so many tix.

Good luck handling the crowds!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm another Lehigh Valley blogger headed to the inauguration. Staying with family in the outskirts tomorrow night, cramming into a city bus early Tuesday morning. At least the bus temps will be above freezing...