Jan 20, 2009

@#%&!! Inauguration.

It's four. Why am I awake? And what are the chances that I am going to get all my reading for sociology done today? Are they better than my chances of getting pick pocketed? I do not know.


EDIT: it is now seven. I am back at the computer, which means that I am back at the dorm. Yeah, I couldn't take the cold. Wanna make something of it, punk? Listen, I teach skiing. I've worked at horse stables in the winter. I KNOW my limits for cold and I know how to layer and it's too cold out there to justify waiting around for six hours to be in the vicinity of Obama turning from president-elect into president. I say "be in the vicinity" because I know that where I'd have seated myself, I wouldn't have been able to see anything.

Sure, the JumboTron would have projected it, but you know what? I can see that from home. And I know that the experience of being around all those people is what separates, say, going to a baseball game rather than watching it on TV. But, hey, victory is sweet even from the cheap seats, and what seat is cheaper than my dorm? More specifically, my BED?

Yes, I will be watching the inauguration proceedings the same way most of the world will. But some of my crazy, crazy friends are there and I'm counting on them to give me a full report.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so I was there. Watching from the middle of the Mall, next to the McDonald's part of the Air & Space Museum. Couldn't see the president (or much more than you could see at home). But, I'm still glad that I drove down from the Valley and stood outside in the cold from 5am-3pm. The energy flowing through the crowd was like that of an athletic championship, but with a greater sense of, well, relief. A lady cheered "There's a new sheriff in town" at it's conclusion. I thought that summarized well.