Feb 16, 2009

Nose To The Grindstone - What I'm Doing This Semester

Dearest, darlingest readers, I have decided to detail to you what I do to fill my days. Why? Because you care. I may be lying to myself, but it's a nice lie, isn't it?

Let's start with extra-curriculars. I just got back from my radio show! Every Monday from 8-10AM, I host a show called "TDR Jams!" on the school's radio station. Our dining hall here at AU is called TDR (Terrace Dining Room) and its awesomeness is debatable if you're judging based on food alone, but its music is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Honestly, we hear Stevie Wonder every time we eat lunch there. This music inspired the show. I don't think I've ever had so much fun fumbling with outdated technology in a room the size of a closet before! You can listen in if you want, since we broadcast worldwide on wvau.org (if your computer is having trouble with that link, just go for searching "wvau" in your iTunes).

Next up is EcoSense! This is the school's environmental club. I am the director of the club's garden! It sounds small and simple but it is really actually huge and complicated since a ton of people wanna help out. So that means orchestrating the people who wanna plan the garden and break soil and make videos and teach local elementary school kids and harvest and such. Since this is the first year we're doing a garden, we've got to figure out just how to break the ground and how to make it critter-and-student-safe. I know deer will get into it (I've already accepted that) but what about hungry students?? They break into anything for a snack.

Then I go to Creative Writing Club! Well, not right after EcoSense, but the next day. Friday. I'm running for president of the club. It's pretty sweet. We sit in a circle and write poems. And we go on field trips! We get to go to the Naval Observatory and look at stars and write about them. From what I hear, there's a library to rival Beauty and the Beast in there. Elections are this Friday, so I will let you know if I win. I am pretty sure I am running unopposed. Will this be my opportunity to turn writing club into a dictatorship? Maybe! (I don't think I'm actually allowed to do that because we're monitored by Student Government).

AND THEN I have American Literary. This is the school's literary magazine! We publish poems that may or may not have gotten written in creative writing club. It is a good lookin' piece of published stuff, too. I don't do much in this club but review submissions. And submit things. That, too.

Now for curriculars. My classes are awesome. Right now I'm only taking four because I made a huge mistake in selecting a marketing course, but we won't talk about that right now. I am a sociology major, so I am taking some sociology courses! I've got Contemporary Issues in Social Theory (economic meltdown, ahoy!) and The Sociology of Birth and Death. Right now we're on the Death part of the course. It's INCREDIBLE. We laugh, we cry, we tell sad stories, we tell gross stories. We went on a field trip to a funeral home. You will look at me like I am crazy but I will say it anyway: it was great. Don't worry, we didn't go into the morgue. I probably would have totally lost it.

On a lighter note, I am also taking Intro to Spanish Translation. There is not much to say, except that we speak Spanish.

And I have a literature course. Funny thing: we're reading Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (it is a "graphic novel") and a large portion of the book takes place in a funeral home! I got it all confused up with my death class! Quite the kerfuffle, I'd say.

At any rate, enough about me. Tell me about YOU.


Chris Casey said...

Katie. Good luck to you!

It sounds like you are really enjoying yourself!

One of the most fun things I did before I joined the Army, way back in the 1980s, was write scripts for auction items for WOSU-TV. That was the Ohio State University PBS Television station.
Ah, to be in my 20s again, and partying every night! Oh, Maybe not.

Katie Bee said...

The parties are the best part! I am not so fond of frats: they are full of bros, something I desperately try to avoid (alas, it IS college). But the clubs! The gay clubs! LOVE IT.

Though I expect that it gets significantly more difficult to wake up in time for my 9AM class after a night of partying till 4AM as one gets older ...

Rain said...

You are doing many amazing things! I would find the funeral home interesting too. College radio stations are the best. I love your comment about the small space and the outdated equipment.