Feb 18, 2009

TDR Jams

If you're anywhere near a computer at 8AM on Mondays (or if you're awake, because that is also a requirement), you can listen to my radio show, TDR Jams. It is not a talk show, so I won't beat your brains out with opinions on the "news" stories that pop into my AOL welcome page, it is a music show! Which means I will beat your brains out with opinions on music! My co-DJ (Nick) and I wake up extra early to play our favorite music. I play the indie, he plays the soul and R&B.

We realize that there are lots of people who are not awake at this hour! Maybe not too too many people, but pretty much all of our target market is unconscious (fun fact: college kids are not usually awake at 8 am!). To still send out the message of indie/soul/R&B/dining hall food, we've created a blog! TDRJams: The Blog! A blog as an effective means of communication? Isn't that like screaming in a room full of people screaming? That is for you to decide.

But, hey, we've got our latest playlist up there if you miss the show. Nick and I both make posts, and it is pretty clear who is writing what since we have such different styles. I mean, there is also a little by-line, but in case you ever wanted to read it and play a guessing game, you can tell Nick wrote it when it is sensible and information-ridden and you can tell I wrote it when it is silly and maybe a little bit insane. (fun fact: I do not take blogging about my radio show very seriously at all!)

Oh, dear. Some days I wonder if the part of my brain that is occupied by extensive knowledge on the entire discography of Bright Eyes could be better used as a place to store, you know, Spanish vocabulary. But then again, some days I wonder about a lot of weird things.

Fun fact: TDR stands for Terrace Dining Room. In DC, they don't call it "basement," "cellar," or "dungeon." They call it a Terrace! DC, you are clever.


Anonymous said...

Being a college DJ sounds like fun (except for the early hours). You get to listen to all the newest music and rub it in the nose of the world! I'll have to check out your other blog sometime to get some good recommendations.

Katie Bee said...

It IS a lot of fun, even in the early hours. My friend got a show from 2-4AM and he loves it (then again, he is effectively nocturnal).

Definitely check out the tdrjams.blogspot.com! I will make sure to post many many recommendations, just for you!