Mar 17, 2009


LV Bridal Expo featured Bridals By Sandra gowns. My sister's dress does not look like this.

Spring break! Woo-hoo! Go crazy!

GO CRAZY AT THE LEHIGH VALLEY BRIDAL EXPO, MORE LIKE IT. Indeed, I went to Stabler Arena with my sister (the bride-to-be) and a buncha bridesmaids and we went CRAZY. It was my job to try all the flavors of all the cakes available and, by golly, I took my job seriously. What I'm confused about now is how do PROFESSIONAL PASTRY CHEFS manage to make a wedding cake that tastes like trans fat and dish soap? It was also my job to enter my sister in prize drawings and that was fun (especially because I don't know my sister's house address, so she ended up living at my house in Caribbean Cruise Vacation Prize Drawing World).

Also, my sister got her wedding gown! It was the first one she tried on and it was also only 99 dollahs! It is beautiful and fits perfectly and my mom almost cried because she didn't get to see it first.

While walking around trying all the cake samples and talking to photographers and DJs and caterers, I realized why I was getting no feedback on my whimsical girlish flirtations: they though I was a bride. GAWD, NO. EEW, BOYS HAVE COOTIES. Also, I am going to marry a Jonas brother, DUH.

I really should travel around with a ginormous Maid Of Honor sticker.

Speaking of MOH duties, does anyone have any ideas of non-alcoholic bachlorette parties? One of our bridesmaids will not be 21 by the time the wedding rolls around, and I want at least part of the day to be alcohol-free. My ideas (and these are just ideas, so far) include some sort of trip to Premise Maid to see if we can tour something chocolate-y, a Banana Factory trip to make our own glass sculptures (although my sister has already done this one), or a trip to a local winery to witness wine making! (Wait, that last one is alcohol related ... I am no good at this!)


Bryan said...

the easiest non alcoholic solution is to have a 21 year old stock up on booze and go nuts behind closed doors. Of course that was sarcastic and I would never recommend such a devious action...

Megan said...

Not knowing how adventurous everyone is...

How about a trip to the NJ shore? Play in the water, shop on the boardwalk, and go to restaurants that will let in your under 21 friend.

Or if you want to stay closer to home, a glass blowing workshop at the Banana Factory...Cooking lesson at Sagra Cooking...Indoor Rock Climbing at North Summit?

Katie Bee said...

@megan-Ooooh, cooking lessons and rock climbing are actually very good suggestions! I will keep these in mind!

@bryan-oh, no, you're not the type to do that AT ALL.