Mar 8, 2009

Back In The Valley ... Again

I rode Amtrak all the way from DC and now I am in the Valley again! Magic? Magic.

Magic especially because the trains ran on time. I do not own an ipod (no cell phone either, right now. It's a long story.), so I had to open up my laptop to listen to music to drown out the middle schooler who yakked on her cell phone for the whole time.

So now I am trapped in the suburbs.

I use the word "trapped" when I can't get anywhere without a car. "Trapped" when I'm stranded by gas prices. "Trapped" when all my friends live further than I can walk in a day. "Trapped" because I don't know who my neighbors are. "Trapped" when the internet is more appealing than taking the effort to arrange a meeting with people I know.

"Trapped" when I have to share my car with a younger brother whose got a very busy teenage schedule.

I've got a week to make the most of it.


Look Out Lehigh Valley said...

I only wish you had really rode the Amtrak from DC to the valley.... have a good spring break!

A.J.C. said...

Are you sure the trains were on time, or was it just daylight savings? ;-)

Katie Bee said...

Oh, yeah, the train only went to Philly! Oops. I've been stuck in various SEPTA stations and have seen old, old signs that say things like "Trains To Bethlehem." Oh, how I wish!

@AJ - the stars realigned and the trains were, indeed, on time! It was crazy.