Jun 3, 2009

Recent Jaunts in Allentown

I've been thin on the "posting things" but big on the "doing things" and I apologize!

In my jaunts around the city, I notice that the Liberty Street Tavern caught fire again. My friend, Steve, is a bartender there and he surprised me by showing up at the Hava Java tonight. The conversation went like this:

Me: Steeeeeeve! Steve Steve Steve! How are you! (I am kind of like a Jack Russell terrier when greeting friends)
Steve: Katie, why does my job always catch fire?
Me: What?
Steve: Some girl came into the bar and said "Uhm ... your building is shooting flames out the back..."

Apparently, a piece of marinated, raw chicken got thrown onto the grill and the flame that engulfed it jumped into the exhaust and caught the grease trap on fire! They're going to be closed until Friday or so, since all the city inspectors have to come through again once they replace the parts of the kitchen that got all "on fiyah."

Hmm...but what else is going on?

One of my jobs has me spending some time on Hamilton Street around the lunch hour. I don't often find myself on Hamilton Street unless I'm driving through it, but I've been hoofing it during the lunch hour to check out some of the events going on at the PPL Plaza and, sheesh, there are quite a few things going on! The Summer In The City series of local musicians sends out some nice background music for the lunch-goers, but the best is the Plaza Growers Market!

The Plaza Growers Market had its kick-off today. There were about six vendors, but I'm told that there will be more each week as the season progresses. The best part is that the market's at lunch time! Last year, it sort of straddled the end of the work day, but this new time is much more convenient. Also, a lunch time market can feature vendors selling prepared food! Balasia, formerly located in Emmaus, now has its own stand at the market. It's the only outlet for the restaurant and my, my! the curry hummus is delicious!

I also ran into Sarina at the Chen Arts table and my, my it seems like they've got a show coming up! "Velocity" will be in the Allentown Arts Museum starting this Sunday! You should stop in for their opening and talk to me. Just say you're "from the internet" and we will talk!

Also, did you know that the old Saylor's restaurant will be a 24-hour diner? The West Side Diner should be open by the end of the summer and will bring some traffic to the 19th street neighborhood. I'm excited, since it looks like the neighborhood could support a 24 hour diner. The coffee shop closes at 11 on weeknights and midnight on weekends and there are several bars in the area. The local late night crowd now has somewhere to migrate to once at the end of the night (or is it in the morning ...)

More to come soon as I continue meandering around the city. I should start to meander with my camera. It would be helpful.

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Joyce Marin said...

Ah, the challenge between "posting" and "doing..." Sometimes the "doing" just takes over. It's hard to blog on a sunny day.