Jun 16, 2009

Seeing Green

I seem to always have excuses not to update this thing. However, excuses are done with! My friend, Andrew, is putting me to shame with his "daily posting" nonsense, so I will step up to the plate* and attempt weekly postings. Maybe even more! I've been doing exciting things and want to tell you about them.

Tonight I'm off to the South Side Film Festival as soon as I get off work, but apparently there's also a Green Ribbon Committee meeting for anyone interested in the greening of Allentown. It's at the Lehigh County Government Center Public Hearing Room, 17 South Seventh Street, Allentown and will be done by 9:00, at the latest. It's a great opportunity to hear what's already getting done in the city and to voice your own opinion on what can be done and how. There's some more detail at the Good News Blog, so I guess it is definitely a Good Thing.

*hello, baseball metaphors! Maybe I've been hanging around Andrew's house a little too much. I'm starting to recognize names and such of Phillies players. All I'm saying is this cannot be good.

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