Jan 20, 2009

Inauguration, wow.

This is what all the metro fare cards look like, I don't know how long they'll be like this, or if they'll ever go back to being the zoo pandas.

That was an incredible inaugural address. Congratulations, Obama, and good luck. All eyes are on you.


A.J.C. said...

That's pretty neat.

I haven't been to Washington since 2002. I saved one of the metro cards I used and it had the pandas on it then, too.

It's pretty neat to see Obama's face on it. I wonder if they did that for Bush when he was inaugurated?

Anonymous said...

I thought Cheney looked defeated leaving in his wheelchair yesterday, while I think Bush looked thrilled to get the hell outta there!
I heard in the TV coverage that Bush said "It's a great day for the country" when Obama arrived for the swearing-in, and that his statement was accidentally caught on camera and was not in a deliberate interview. :)