Feb 19, 2009


I'm working on tidying things up around here. I realize that I've strayed from the intended content of this blog - to write about my life when it intersects the Lehigh Valley. The most obvious reason I've neglected to write about the Valley is because, of course, I'm not in the Valley right now and I've still wanted to post regularly. So, as a warning, I may not update this quite as often in an attempt to stick with the program.

Some good news is that my future posts will be "tighter" and that you can still read my nonsensical blatherings at my radio show blog: TDR Jams.

This move is mostly spurred by my rather recent realization that I was featured in the Morning Call's Blogger Tuesday page. Again. Without being asked. Again.* I realize that the content here is being monitored and I really don't want to slip up, so I'm going to be more careful. Despite what I've been told.

*I have got to learn to stop reading the comments on the mcall.com forum. Man, do they STING.


A.J.C. said...


The good thing about a blog is that it's meant to be personal; hence, you can blog about what you want. While their should be a general theme, a theme is usually developed over time and recognized by regular readers.

I enjoy reading your blog because even on the most blunt posts, such as this one, you always have something interesting to say.

As for being published in the paper again, why not just ask to be removed from their blogosphere listing? Those comments in their forums can sting. While I don't usually care what people think, a big reason I'd prefer not to be listed is because being harassed by the Villas is enough for me to handle - no need to be harassed by random racist slobs, too. They really need to clean that place up.

I hope Kranzley actually schedules that blogger meeting to discuss that and other issues (and ideas).

Katie Bee said...

@A.J. - I've had plenty of personal blogs in my time (keep in mind that my generation is the facebook generation, and we've bounced around a few sites {xanga, myspace, etc} before settling down there), so I kind of feel "done" with personal blogs. That's why I decided to do something different. Of course, I fell back into old habits pretty quickly!

I don't mind being featured in the paper, as friends and family seem to like seeing it (for reasons I will never fully comprehend), I'd just like some notice as to the fact that I've been published that does not come in the form of a text message from my dad at eight in the morning.

I'd DEFINITELY be interested in attending a blogger meeting with Mr. Kranzley.